Who We are

Sangiolele is our Ithaca, a corner of paradise in the commune of Montalcino, in an unspoiled valley where the land has been cultivated for centuries with love and respect. Sharecroppers and farmers have lived here in symbiosis with nature, respecting its rhythms and humbly learning its secrets. The disarming simplicity of this age-old wisdom is the heritage from which we draw with full hands.

On our small farm, on the edge of Val d'Orcia, we worked carefully to transform the old huts used as animal shelters into our new home and immediately began cultivating the land, carrying on the ancient farming traditions.

Thus, next to the old vineyard over 60 years old, the new rows of vines, olive and fig trees came to life, and for the first time we experienced the unpredictability of nature, coming to terms with spring frost, summer droughts, torrential rains and torrid heat. New and growing challenges fueled the great dream of living and producing in harmony with this fascinating habitat.

Today we proudly reap the fruits of our endeavors: our wine, handmade and respectful of the plant and the soil; our extra virgin olive oil that inebriates with its intense aroma and unique organoleptic characteristics; our figs ripened in the sun and wind, from intact and vital soil.

We firmly believe in the principles of biodynamics, which are essential for the health of the earth and mankind. We plan our farming practices by observing the phases of the moon, to choose the right time for sowing, pruning, bottling and all other processes. Ours is a holistic approach: our processes are free of chemical additives, without compromise.

The plants are low-yielding and the vineyard is only treated with natural substances such as copper and sulphur, in quantities that are always below the parameters required by organic farming.