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Our figs

Enjoy the taste of figs like never before!

Unique beneficial properties, authentic flavors and unforgettable taste: 100% natural, handcrafted in Tuscany, cooked at low temperature.

An authentic concentration of flavors that offers an abundance of fruit: 120 g of fine fresh figs for every 100 g of finished product, without the excess of sugars and calories that often characterizes this type of preparation.

Our compote gives you the privilege of fully savoring the properties and true taste of this wonderful fruit: delicate and genuine, moderately sweet, not cloying, able to satisfy the most demanding palates. The fig is rich in magnesium, potassium, iron and fiber and helps improve your well-being.

Our figs, selected for the compote, are of medium size, flattened shape, thin intense green skin, very firm flesh of an intense pink colour, aromatic, delicate, medium sweet. Very numerous achenes. Disease resistant heirloom variety, no treatment. They come from medium-vigour trees with a compact habit, of small-medium size, cared for and cared for exclusively with natural methods.

Prepared with care and dedication, in total respect for nature and its times, to offer you an experience worthy of the most demanding palates: a moment of authentic and healthy pleasure.

Enjoy the taste of figs like never before. For you who seek the best without compromise.

Because eating better is the first step to healthy eating!

Un Amor di fico!