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Our oil

Sangiolele EVO Oil originates from a small olive grove 250 meters above sea level in a clay-silt-sandy land ideal for giving body, elegance, aromas and intensity.

Free from environmental contamination, the plants do not require phytosanitary treatments. We follow a traditional care of the land in which low productivity benefits quality.

This oil expresses the complexity and sensitivity of a great blend of Correggiolo, Leccino and Moraiolo olives, typical of the Montalcino area, with unique and authentic scents and aromas. The size of the olive grove of only half a hectare allows for our direct care, from tilling the soil, to pruning, up to hand harvesting.

The olives are grazed in the second week of October in the early veraison phase to enhance the sensory notes of the olive.

In order to prevent oxidation and guarantee very high quality, the olives are brought to the mill a few hours after harvesting. Cold pressing, at 8-23 degrees centigrade and for just 15 minutes, allows a yield of only around 10% to benefit the extraordinary organoleptic properties of the fruit. The oil is not filtered.

With a deep gold and green color, the nose has an intense hint of green olive, enhanced by vegetal notes of cut grass, artichoke and fresh almond.

In the mouth it is broad and enveloping, with a pleasant and delicate spicy sensation. Great harmony between nose and mouth.

Excellent in all raw condiments, especially on fresh vegetables, cereal salads, vegetable purees, ribollita, white and red meats and of course toasted bread.

It offers dishes a high nutritional value and represents a cornerstone of healthy eating, even for children.

Sangiolele EVO Oil is the authentic testimony of the love for the land and tradition: not a simple oil but an invitation to experience the beauty of Tuscany in your culinary moments.